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Our Story

“We are originally from Isaan, the eastern part of Thailand.” We are a family that likes to cook and spent most of our family time together in the kitchen. So when we moved to Chiang Mai forty years ago, our father, Suweera Thongthaisiri along with my mother Sutsawat Promkul, decided to open a classic Isaan restaurant so that the people of Chiang Mai can enjoy authentic tastes from our region.”

Weera Thai-Larb Ped was established in 1976 and still counting in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We were known for Larb Duck. Which is ground boneless duck with spices, herbs, lime juice and chili. This is how we named our very first establishment as “Weera Larb Ped.” 

In the year of 2010, Peter Thonguthaisiri and father, Suweera Thonguthaisiri, branched out here in Las Vegas, Nevada and renamed to become more moderated as "Weera Thai Restaurant."

Legendary 40 year old Weera Laab Ped restaurant

If you have lived in Chiang Mai for a few decades you surely must have been to or heard of Weera Larb Ped in Chiang Mai, an unassuming but legendary little restaurant which serves up classical Isaan fare, with their spicy duck salad (larb ped) being the eponymous menu highlight.

Being a bit of an old timer ourselves, we thought it would be interesting to check in on them to see how they have been faring over the past few years. It turns out that they fare very well indeed!

Weera Larb Ped not only has a thriving restaurant here in Chiang Mai, but they have also opened four branches of Weera Thai in Las Vegas and two branches in France, one called La Cantine du Siam and the other Bangkok District.

What else did you bring back from Thailand? 

Could it be the memories of the city’s much lauded playground of taste - the street food - complete with wobbly red and blue plastic stools and wok-tossing cooks with charcoal-quelled flame?

Thai street food lifestyle is taste of modern contradictions & chills fish sauce, the city of creative chaos where east meets west, traditional meets international, street meets couture, all fused together in a beautiful chaotic way.

Weera Thai is Thai street food lifestyle on the plates for you to explore and enjoy. We are Thai at heart but our restaurant is anything but traditional. Our recipes come from far and wide. Some are handed down from our grandmothers; some are inspired by our travel memories; and, others are improvised from our midnight fridge raids.